What is Game Fi?

What is Game Fi?

This is an Article on Game Finance.




What is Game Fi?

In this mini thread, we will cover what #GameFi is and how is it going to disrupt the traditional gaming market that is valued at $385B…

Game Fi is an abbreviation of Game Finance which is simply the blend of blockchain technology, gaming and decentralised finance. This has opened the door to games that can offer a Play-to-Earn (#P2E) experience, which has been highly sought after by gamers for many years!

Gaming is a powerhouse of an industry that is dominated by centralised entities. All the in-game items you’ve ever bought are never truly yours. You get nothing in return for the time and money spent. This can all be changed with a shift into the world of #Web3.

How? Well, thanks to the power of the blockchain, games can now offer their gaming community full ownership over in-game items such as skins and accessories by turning them into NFTs!

These NFTs can then be traded for #Crypto and in many cases, ends up profitable. Now, imagine the amount of time you’ve put into your favourite game. If you got paid to play, you would have a lot more money in the bank, right?

Game Fi Protocols

Well there are games that reward you for spending your time playing their games, here are some legendary #GameFi protocols:

Gala Games $GALA

The SandBox Game $SAND

Illuvium $ILV

NakamotoGames $NAKA

Immutable $IMX

The way I see it is, if these incredible companies can do it, why can’t Activision, EPIC Games, EA and all the rest?

Well, I will tell you.


Bring on Web3 Gaming!


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