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Crypto & Gaming

Wouldn’t it make sense if the whole Gaming industry was on the blockchain?

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Crypto & the Gaming industry


Wouldn’t it make sense if the whole Gaming industry was on the blockchain?

I know it may seem unrealistic for now, but after watching the movie ‘Ready Player One’, don’t you think its at all possible for the gaming industry to be revolutionised by the world of Web3?

Think of the possibilities, there could be Metaverse’s of your favourite games, like WorldofWarcraft, StarWars, CallOfDuty and any game you can imagine.


All your in-game items can become NFTs, so you can buy, sell or trade anytime you like. The fact that gamers spend billions of dollars a year on in-game items that can’t be resold is fascinating. Why is this not a thing?

Because centralised companies own all the rights, take all the profit and share your data with other major companies, to once again, profit from you.

Decentralised Blockchains can change that in a heartbeat.


There are already many crypto protocols fighting for the decentralisation of the gaming industry which is releasing incredible games that could compete with games from PlayStation and Xbox.

Look at GALA games as an example, they’re releasing an amazing ‘Wild West Battle Royale Game’ that will also be launching on the EpicGames store!


A cool idea would be a #Blockchain compatible #Gaming console….


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