What is Core Blockchain (XCB & CTN)?

Core Blockchain – XCB & CTN

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What is Core Blockchain – XCB & CTN?

The Core Blockchain runs on a next-gen version of the outdated Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, called Proof-of-Distributed-Efficiency (PoDE). Core was first launched in May 2022 with the mission to onboard the world’s largest industries onto the blockchain.

Unlike other blockchains, the Core Blockchain uses a unique form of cryptography called ED-448-Goldilocks to secure the network. Core is the first-ever blockchain to implement this algorithm, which is designed to encrypt, authenticate and perform key security tasks.

It is evident that we are moving into a digitalised world. CoDeTechCC offers a unique suite of products and solutions within its ecosystem to support developers, businesses, governments and industries of all sizes to create a secure and dependable digital economy.

Core Blockchain is concentrating on some of the largest industries that could see billions-trillions of dollars enter their network. These industries include agriculture, biotechnology, e-commerce, government, financial & blockchain services, health and much more!


The Core ecosystem is not to be ignored. Core uses a Dual-Token Model which we will dive into shortly, but for now, let’s take a look at the innovative products and applications within the network:

CorePass – A Blockchain Digital Identity platform which uses KYC (Know Your Customer) verification. Built with security in mind and gives you earning capabilities by utilising your own data! – https://corepass.net/

CorePay – A decentralised Payment Gateway on the Blockchain that will change the e-commerce industry once and for all…

TiNG – A decentralised P2P video streaming platform that puts YouTube & Vimeo to shame. – https://foreveryting.com/

TokTokey – A decentralised e-commerce platform that allows merchants to set up shops and for users to buy products/services via Crypto or Credit Card! toktokey.com

Heyo – Say goodbye to WhatsApp, Heyo enables users to communicate via voice/video calls and text without the need for a SIM card or internet connection! WHAT A GAME-CHANGER!

Hats off to CoDeTechCC for this one!

Ping Exchange – CorePass’ first use case and the first exchange to offer $XCB and $CTN. Ping uses KYC verification and allows users to trade Crypto, Forex, NFTs and more! https://pingexchange.com/

Now that we have explored CoreBlockchain’s enormous ecosystem, it is time we dive into the $XCB & $CTN currencies that are powering the entire network and its products!


$XCB – Also known as the Core Coin is the power that drives the #CoreBlockchain and is used for network fees and transactional costs.

$CTN – The secondary token known as the Core Token is used to exchange value, deploy or interact smart contracts and so much more!

Looking to get in early and ahead of the game?

Core Blockchain is offering its community the ability to become an early adopter by releasing an NFT which will give to access to a future $CTN airdrop of 654 tokens as well as an exclusive Early Adopter NFT.

If you’re interested and want to take advantage of this unique opportunity, then check out this step-by-step guide provided by the CoDeTechCC team – https://medium.com/codetech/a-new-era-4f08f2f58f99


Core Blockchain Twitter – @CoDeTechCC

Core Blockchain Website – https://coreblockchain.cc/

Core Token Website – https://coretoken.net/




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