What is Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Axie Infinity – AXS

Axie Infinity and its Pokemon-styled Metaverse have stood the test of time, let us see how they’re doing it!

It’s only right that we take a deep dive…

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What is Axie Infinity – AXS?


Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based NFT game and Metaverse home to the Ethereum network that launched in 2018 and was also developed by a Vietnamese Gaming Studio, Sky Mavis.

P2E and the Metaverse will be the future of Gaming and it will all be held on the blockchain. Axie Infinity understood this early on in 2018 and has grown the be one of the leaders in this space.

The Axie Infinity universe is dedicated to rewarding players that are obtaining high levels of skills within the game as they battle, collect, breed their NFTs and build their ultimate and personal Axie Kingdom. Users will be rewarded with the reward token $SLP.


$SLP is known as the Smooth Love Potion token, aka the rewards token for the Axie Infinity Universe. The $SLP token can be earned in various ways and is an ERC-20 token that can be bought/sold on both a DEX and CEX.

The land that spans the Axie Metaverse is obtainable through the marketplace which can be traded with $ETH and at the moment, a plot of land has a floor price of 0.94 $ETH ($1,203)!

NOTE: Buying land is not necessary if you only want to play.


In the 4/5 years of their existence, Axie Infinity has managed to land some amazing partnerships with companies like Ubisoft, Binance, Samsung and many others!

Maybe they see Axie Infinity as the next Pokemon, but on the blockchain instead?


The $AXS token is the governance token of the protocol which allows users to stake their idle tokens for rewards or participate in the protocol’s future decisions/proposals.

There are so many ways to earn, especially if you have enough time to play the game! If you can breed or obtain high-rarity Axie Infinity creatures, you can sell them on the marketplace for large profits! One Axie NFT managed to sell for $820K…

Over 2.8 million players from all around the world are playing and earning simultaneously as they utilise the powers of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The AxieInfinity marketplace has facilitated over $3.6B in trades which is an incredible achievement!


To get started on AxieInfinity, you will need to create a Ronin Wallet so you can connect to assets on the Ethereum network like $ETH, $AXS, $SLP and more. Once you have the wallet, you will need to obtain at least 3 AxieInfinity NFTs.

 Compared to a few months back, an Axie NFT is fairly cheap. You can snatch an Axie NFT for a minimum of 0.002 $ETH ($2) and as you will need three, it will cost you a minuscule $6 to start your P2E gaming journey in the Axie Infinity Metaverse (Exc. Gas fees).

After you have got yourself 3 NFTs from the Axie Infinity Marketplace, you create an account and download the game on either your desktop or mobile/tablet which is downloadable on the Apple or Android App Store.


At the time of writing, the AxieInfinity token $AXS is priced at $7.96 with a market cap of over $799M! The $AXS token has seen an All-Time High of $165.37 when it exceeded a market cap of over $9.78B!



Twitter – @AxieInfinity

Website – https://axieinfinity.com/

Sky Mavis Twitter – @SkyMavisHQ



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