Launched in October 2020, POPCAT quickly gained momentum and popularity, evolving into the viral Popcat internet meme.

Today, we will cover the following topics:
- About Popcat (POPCAT)
- How does Popcat work?
- Popcat's Influence on the Crypto Market
- Technical Analysis
-  Why is POPCAT The Coin of the Week?

About Popcat (POPCAT)

What is Popcat?

Popcat (POPCAT) is a fun digital currency on the Solana blockchain, inspired by the famous Popcat meme featuring the surprised cat Oatmeal with its wide-open mouth.

Popcat website showing how it looks like with the Oatmeal cat in the middle.
Popcat website

The Popcat meme started in October 2020, starring a cat named 'Oatmeal' making two funny faces, one with its mouth closed and the other with it wide open like an 'O'. People loved the sound effect made by switching between these pictures.

It's the third most popular meme coin on Solana because it's easy to understand. You can buy Popcat using a Solana wallet like Phantom and trading SOL on a decentralized exchange (DEX).

Among all the Memecoins out there, Popcat stands out because it's simple, funny, and its community is active.

Unlike regular cryptocurrencies, which can be complicated, Popcat is all about having fun with memes.

Its quick rise to fame shows how much influence internet culture and social media have on trends and markets.


POPCAT, despite having no official connection to the original meme, has surged in value, jumping from an initial market cap of $200,000 to $560 million, ranking it as the third most popular meme coin on Solana, right behind Bonk and Dogwifhat.

The Popcat token's design is straightforward, avoiding complicated features like transaction fees.

Understanding token distribution is crucial for potential investors. For Popcat, 93.1% of its supply is allocated to the liquidity pool, with the remaining 6.9% held in a multi-sig wallet for future use, such as exchange listings and liquidity improvements.

This distribution strategy ensures ample liquidity for traders and investors, facilitating easy token transactions.

Meanwhile, the reserve in the multi-sig wallet signals planned developments that could potentially enhance the token's value.

How does Popcat work?

How to play Popcat?

Joining the Popcat craze is simple – just head to the website and start clicking!

It works on any device with a web browser, whether it's your computer or smartphone. On mobile, tapping the screen earns points, while on computers, clicking the mouse or even spamming the keyboard does the trick.

The concept of Popcat is straightforward – keep clicking on the cat's mouth to make it open and close, creating a 'popping' sound with each click. The more clicks, the more points for your country.

The game is accessible across all platforms – web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. You can even earn points by pressing keys on your keyboard.

For those looking to maximize their points, using automated clickers is a hack that's fair game. There are no strict rules, so whether you use auto-clickers or tap away on your keyboard, the goal is to make the cat 'pop' and score more points.

What is the reward?

The leaderboard is an arena of national pride, with users from top-ranking countries competing for the #1 spot.

Popcat experienced a resurgence in April 2021, sparked by the excitement surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. This led to millions of users eagerly joining the Catlympics fever.

A meme from twitter showing how users worldwide are resembling Popcat to an international competition.
Embracing Popcat as an international competition

While there are no tangible rewards for winning, enthusiasts liken it to the Olympics, dubbing it the 'Catlympics' and embracing it as an international competition.

Securing the top spot on the leaderboard isn't just about winning; it's about earning bragging rights for being the most dedicated 'cat-poppers.'

Popcat Leaderboard showing Hong Kong first followed by Thailand and Taiwan.
Popcat Leaderboard

Currently, China holds the lead with nearly 123 billion clicks, followed closely by Thailand and Taiwan. These nations engage in friendly competition, each striving to surpass the other and claim the gold medal.

Popcat's Influence on the Crypto Market

The rise of meme coins like Popcat has had a big impact on the crypto market. It shows how memes and community involvement affect how people invest in cryptocurrencies.

Popcat's popularity on the Solana network illustrates how memes can make a coin popular, even if it doesn't have much real value.

This shows that people are excited about meme coins because they're part of online culture. Their success depends on how much attention they get from online communities.

Popcat's success also shows how important it is for people to talk about and share meme coins online. When more people get interested, the value of the coin goes up.

But this excitement also means that meme coins can be risky. People often invest based on speculation rather than real value. This can lead to big changes in the coin's value, sometimes very quickly.

Technical Analysis

From a technical perspective, following a 107% surge, POPCAT has been in a bearish correction phase, trading within the rising channel marked in orange.

Currently, POPCAT is approaching the lower boundary of the channel. As long as the support at $0.5 holds, we will be looking for trend-following buy setups on lower timeframes, anticipating a continuation towards the $0.75 mark.

POPCAT 4h chart overall bullish trading within a rising channel and currently in a correction phase retesting the lower bound of the channel.
POPCAT Chart - 4H Timeframe

Why is POPCAT The Coin of the Week?

For this week, we've chosen POPCAT because it represents an interesting blend of internet culture and cryptocurrency technology.

Popcat showcases the impact of meme culture in the Solana ecosystem, illustrating how viral trends can boost memecoins in the market.

Moreover, from a technical perspective, it is currently retesting the lower bound of the rising channel, providing us with an opportunity to capitalize on the upcoming bullish impulse movement.

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