OTI, or "Currency of the Internet," redefines online transactions through its decentralized payment platform.

Today, we will cover the following topics:
- About COTI (COTI)
- How does COTI work?
- Key features
- Technical Analysis
- Why is COTI The Coin of the Week?


COTI Network

COTI combines a layer-1 fintech blockchain ecosystem with a DAG-based protocol, prioritizing speed, security, and inclusivity. With Proof of Trust (PoT) consensus, it bridges CeFi and DeFi challenges.

Launched in 2017, COTI's ecosystem includes a DAG-based blockchain, multiDAG, GTS, and a universal payment solution, addressing traditional finance challenges efficiently.

COTI enables organizations to create payment solutions and digitize currencies, serving merchants, governments, and stablecoin issuers.

COTI Token

COTI coin serves as the native token within the COTI ecosystem, operating on a DAG-based cryptocurrency platform with a total supply capped at 2 billion tokens.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, COTI does not rely on Proof of Work (PoW) mining for network security. Instead, it functions across three different mainnets: Trustchain, Ethereum, and BNB Chain.

COTI token holders benefit from the COTI Bridge, enabling seamless interoperability between different mainnets.

Beyond its utility within the ecosystem, COTI tokens can be staked within the COTI Treasury for DeFi purposes. Through the Treasury, COTI rewards are distributed to participating users.

How does COTI work?

Proof of Trust (PoT)

COTI's Trustchain, based on DAG structure, merges with Proof of Work (PoW) to form Proof of Trust (PoT). COTI's DAG ledger records transactions sequentially, linking each new transaction to two prior ones based on validators' Trust Scores.

Trusted users' transactions are prioritized for quicker processing and lower fees. PoW prevents spamming and incentivizes participants, leading to minimal transaction fees without traditional mining.


Djed is COTI's stablecoin on Cardano's platform, utilizing smart contracts for price stabilization. It plays a crucial role in settling transaction fees across Cardano's network, enhancing its utility and adoption.

The MultiDAG Layer

Similar to Ethereum, COTI's MultiDAG ecosystem hosts various independent DAGs for different purposes on the same infrastructure.

Unlike other Layer 1 networks, token issuers on MultiDAG maintain control over rules and instances, avoiding network-wide performance limitations.

Coin Issuance Service

Enterprises can issue tokens as needed with minimal expenses.

Following the MultiDAG 2.0 launch, COTI provides enterprises with the ability to issue stablecoins and digital currencies using MultiDAG, ensuring lower costs, scalable infrastructure, privacy, and technical support.

Key Features

COTI's Unique Platform

COTI's platform is innovative, allowing companies to develop advanced fintech products effortlessly, saving time, data, and money.

The platform includes built-in financing, enabling interest earnings on deposits and loans, and integrates with the white label payment network.

The COTI Treasury: Deposit & Earn

Central to COTI's ecosystem, the Treasury encourages user participation by enabling secure $COTI deposits and rewarding contributions.

Soon, a governance token will empower users to shape the protocol's evolution democratically.


COTI Pay transforms retail transactions with its advanced Trustchain and MultiDAG technologies. Merchants can accept various COTI Native assets.

With COTI Pay, all payment types, including crypto, stablecoins, credit cards, and native coins, are processed seamlessly.

User-Friendly Wallet

The COTI wallet, built on the React Native Framework, offers cross-platform functionality and portability.

It requires user credentials and utilizes 2FA login, paired with a node manager for communication validation, preventing spoofing and manipulation.

Technical Analysis

From a technical perspective, following its breakthrough above the $0.13 resistance, COTI surged by 112%.

Presently, COTI is hovering around a long-term resistance zone. For the bulls to maintain control, a breakout above $0.29 is necessary.

In this scenario, a continuation towards the next resistance at $0.4 would be anticipated.

COTI weekly chart showing that it is currently hovering around a major resistance at $0.29.
COTI Chart - Weekly Timeframe

In the 4-hour timeframe, the bulls will remain in control unless the last low in red at $0.225 is breached downward.

Should this occur, a bearish correction towards the $0.14 demand zone would be anticipated, where we will be looking for new buy setups.

COTI 4h chart showing the last major low at $0.225 that we need a break below for the correction phase to start.
COTI Chart - 4HTimeframe

Why is COTI The Coin of the Week?

In summary, COTI's innovative solutions encompass trust-based consensus mechanisms, stablecoin development, user participation incentives, and advanced payment solutions, all geared towards redefining fintech and blockchain industries.

For this week, we've chosen COTI because as businesses and individuals increasingly recognize the value of fast, secure, and cost-effective digital transactions, the demand for COTI is likely to soar.

Moreover, from a technical standpoint, it is evident that traders have started to embrace COTI as it surged by 112% in just a couple of days, and more upside is expected after breaking the resistance zone.

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